Aircraft Recovery

Runway incursions cost airports and fixed-based operators (FBOs) millions of dollars each year in non-recoverable lost revenue. Whether the incursion happens at a large or small airport, thousands of dollars can be lost in the loss of landing fees, gate fees, fuel sales. Unlike damage to an aircraft, this money is not recovered from insurance companies. 

Lifting Solutions, LLC provides economical and safe solutions which allow airports to recover disabled aircrafts in a timely manner, without causing post-incident damage to an aircraft. Lifting Solutions, LLC also provides all necessary equipment and training to recover disabled aircrafts blocking a runway, with little, if any, post-incident damage. In some cases, like a nose gear in the mud off the end of a runway, the plane can fly out after being recovered.

Unlike the high pressure airbags used by most fire departments use for rescue which do not cover enough surface area that could cause further damage, Lifting Solutions, LLC provides low pressure air cushions to prevent damage due to excessive skin pressures exerted on the plane. Having a local wrecker or crane service lift the plane with heavy slings, many times improper or not wide enough, can result in buckling the fuselage, totaling the aircraft. 

The ability to safely and efficiently remove an aircraft blocking a runway can pay for itself in one recovery. Speeding up the process by just a few hours can minimize revenue lost by a runway incursion. 

In remote areas that depend on air traffic for all of their travel and supplies, it can mean life or death. 

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